“News from the Hut”: 15 July 2013

for American Legion Post #142; Hominy, Oklahoma.
>>> by Gary Lanham

We had a good showing at the Koffee Klatch this morning. The usual cast
was on hand and unfortunately, not being retired, I had a short time to
enjoy the fun and frolic that ensues with this band of brothers. Where
else can you witness a coffee cup “squeal like a pig” (don’t ask). I
would like to tip my hat to Jerry Sebert and Eli Prater. They take time
to come out early and prep a great breakfast for the Wild Bunch every
Monday morning. Commander Jim Frazier has carried that load for many
years, and he has been able to take a long deserved rest.

Speaking of our Post Commander Jim Frazier, he was in to update us on
the American Legion Convention in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago. He
provided me with the names of newly installed leadership (which I will
list at the end), but more importantly, he provided information on the
contributions of the American Legion to the recovery of our brethren in
Moore, Oklahoma. The State American Legion provided hundreds of hours of
volunteer time as well $200,000 in contributions. The national arm of
our band of brothers/sisters added an additional $200,000. Combined
with pledges the American Legion is providing $1,000,000 in
contributions to Moore. When the call to duty is sounded patriots rise
to the occasion!

John Field shared a bit of excitement this morning. He will be
participating in the Honor Flight this September to Washington D.C.
Babe Long and Dick Pope participated in this flight earlier this year
and regaled us with fascinating stories and souvenirs from their
journey. I am excited to document his preparations and journey as it
approaches. He served in the US Navy during WWII as a radar operator
and went to all the places Uncle Sam wanted to ship him off to. His
daughter signed him up for the Honor Flight to DC.

Our Chaplin Rex Mantooth brought a special surprise this morning. It
was a metal mess kit. He picked it up at a garage sale I think. I had
one when I was a Boy Scout a thousand years ago. Jim Frazier is our
resident expert on such items (having one as a scout as well). It took
him no time to rub a couple surfaces to discover it was dated 1945.
That kit served as did our WWII buddies. What a treat.

I had an opportunity to share a piece of art I picked up in Ft Worth
Texas a few weeks ago. It was a beautifully framed presentation of the
flag flown over the Alamo at Statehood. Jim Frazier told us he
researched this flag and (though a replication) it was flown in respect
of the defenders. It displays a depiction of a cannon with the phrase
“Come and Take it”. He told us part of the reason for the Alamo battle
was because the Texicans had one cannon and Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna
wanted it. Even though I am a Sooner (sorry my Cowboy friends) I am
proud to say Santa Anna paid dearly for that cannon because of Texas
men of conviction and purpose.

For the record and roll call here our leaders from the Convention
notes: Dept. Commander George Nonamaker, Dept. NEC Wes Benge, Dept. Alt
NEC Bill Lonkerd, Dept. Vice Cmdr. Bill Bennet, Division West Cmdr.
Fernando Zamarippa, Division East Cmdr. Mr. Rizzo, and Sgt at Arms
Gordon (Lucky) Ladwig.

Our regular meetings are the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at
1900 hours (7:00 PM). Our Monday morning Koffee Klatch meetings have
started back up thanks the Post Adjutant Eli Prater and Jerry Sebert.
Over biscuits and gravy (or waffles) we will keep up on each other’s
mischievous doings. It run generally from 7 am to 9 am. I know I am
going to be there! If you are a veteran come join us. You will have a
good time. And if you have a good story it may end up in print.

About American Legion Post #142

Authors the weekly article "News from the Hut", about local American Legion Post #142 in Hominy, OK. Read his weekly articles in the "Hominy News Progress".
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