Happy Veteran’s Day

Many do not realise that as the year passes we recognize military service distinctively. Memorial Day, in remembrance of those lost in combat or who have passed that served. Armed Forces Day, for those who continue to serve. Veteran’s Day, for those who served and remain, proud that they did serve. I say Happy Veteran’s Day because like my Legion friends I am a Veteran and I am happy to be here alive.

On that thought I remember great friends like Rex Mantooth and my close friend Dick Pope. They went the full measure, ran the distance and finished very well. There have been many in the history of our Post 142 who have come and gone I never knew. Many remember Roy Arian. He was my predessecor to being the writer of the “News from The Hut”. I found his article in the paper while in town at Marvin’s and knew I had to meet him. A Vietnam combat medic, he was remarkable. We both hailed from Southern California. I inherited a great legacy.

I sometimes think of our post as a touching stone fpr those who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and our current endevors in bad places. And that is as it should be. A place where you can hang your hat, have a cup of Joe and tell long stories full of adventures and colorful elaborations.

Our next flag day will be Veterans Day November 11th. We will place flags on Main Street and Highway 99 and 20 on Friday November 9th and pick-up flags on Wednesday November 14th. November 10th (Saturday) we will be traveling over to Fairfax for the annual Veteran’s Day Parade. It starts at 11 am with line up at 10 am. More information for participants at our next meeting.

The Hominy High School will be honoring Hominy Veterans for Veteran’s Day weekend. Since Veterans Day actual is on a Sunday and there is no school on November 12th the Federal Holiday, the Veterans Day Ceremony will be Tuesday November 13th starting at 1100 hrs at the high school lobby where the kids will serve a meal and at 1230 hrs at the new HS gym on the west side of Highway 99

Don’t forget our regular meetings continue the first and third Thursdays of the month. November 15th will be the next one, a 7 PM meeting. Monday morning Koffee Klatch meetings in November are still scheduled for biscuits and gravy and always a cup of Joe (coffee to the civilians) starting at. Just watch the weather, it is the only factor that my change that. If you are a veteran come on by. If you have a good story it may end up in print. Also keep up with us at website “americanlegion142.org”.

About American Legion Post #142

Authors the weekly article "News from the Hut", about local American Legion Post #142 in Hominy, OK. Read his weekly articles in the "Hominy News Progress".
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